Legal Issues

We are obligated to act in your best interests and we also represent lenders and have an obligation to them. We are required to provide any information we know to the lender chosen and we are not to provide any information we know is misleading or deceptive. We also have an obligation under the law to report any fraud, forgery, or their illegal activities. When you sign an agreement with us you are confirming that you understand we have these obligations.


We are also obligated under law to ensure that the finance we arrange for you is appropriate. We will need to make reasonable enquires into your financial needs, goals and circumstances in order to provide you relevant financial advice.


We do not provide legal, taxation, insurance or deposit account advice. We recommend that you consult your Accountant, Solicitor or Investment Advisor in respect to the financial implications of your application for finance before you enter the loan contract. If you have any questions about our role and the law, please ask us before you sign.